Probate Sales

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The selling of a probate property can bring about logistical issues and can be distressing. Having to manage the sale of a home belonging to a loved one can be a complex process. It can often feel overwhelming at a time you are also dealing with the emotions of them passing away.

Home Genie is experienced in managing probate properties and can provide a solution by facilitating a quick sale. This could be an appealing option if the probate property is located far away from you or if it is in a state of disrepair.

Whatever your situation, at Home Genie, we can provide advice and guidance on a suitable course of action. Our team is fully trained and you can be assured that you will be met with compassion and understanding when speaking to one of our advisers.

How Do We Compare?



Sale Timeframe

1-3 Weeks

6-9 Months

AVG Market Value



Final agreed price after survey



Estate agent fees (2% VAT)



Mortgage Payments



Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)



Bills and Repairs






Final price to be paid to the seller