Halting Repossessions

Home Genie has successfully halted many repossessions

Having your home repossessed can be a frightening and upsetting experience. Once the repossession process has started, it’s certainly possible to stop it.

Home Genie has successfully halted many repossessions and has the experience to be able to help people who find themselves in this position.

A repossession of a home only tends to happen in extreme circumstances and occurs when there has been a default on payments enabling the mortgage lender to take ownership of a home.

Our team of advisers are fully trained on repossessions and will empathise and provide practical and helpful advice and support. At Home Genie, we work closely with solicitors who can halt the process once it has started.

We buy homes that are being repossessed for cash allowing you to settle any outstanding payments. It will free you from the process of a repossession and enable you to arrange suitable accommodation for yourself.

The process of a repossession


Missed mortgage payments

If you have missed any payments, your mortgage lender will contact you with the aim of agreeing a plan for the repayment of the arrears.

Court action

Your mortgage lender can start the legal process if you are not able to make repayments or if further payments are missed. You will be sent all the information regarding the court action including payments owed and a hearing date. The court hearing is where your case will be discussed and a judge will make a decision on whether an order for repossession should be made.

Different orders can be made by the judge. For example, a judge could make an order for an outright possession where your home will be repossessed and you will need to leave by a definitive date. Another option is a suspended possession order whereby you are allowed to stay in your home as long as you agree to conditions regarding repayment.


Eviction by bailiffs

A court can order bailiffs to evict people from repossessed properties

Property bale

Once the mortgage lender has ownership of a home, it will be sold. From the sale, the mortgage lender will take the amount owed and will be reimbursed for the costs associated with the sale. Any funds left over will be transferred to the original owner. If the sale doesn’t cover the full costs, the original owner will need to pay the difference.

Homegenie can help

We are experienced in halting home repossessions and giving you the opportunity to sell your home on your own terms. Our team of solicitors can stop the repossession and manage the process on your behalf, covering all fees.

We will repay the outstanding balance on your mortgage upon the sale of your home. The remaining amount will be transferred to you. If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please get in touch with our experienced and understanding advisers.

“I can't possibly thank you enough for showing me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Your help was invaluable to me and my family. Thank you!”

Philip Martin-BrowneLondon

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