How It All Works


Contact Us

The first step is to get in touch with us and let us know about your home, its condition, where it is located and the type of home it is - i.e detached house, barn, flat, etc. We are open to all types of housing, indeed we have purchased properties across the whole spectrum in England and Wales.

There is absolutely no obligation, or cost associated with getting an offer from us.


Offer Stage

We have a predefined criteria for homes we are able to proceed with. If your home fits within these, we will make you an offer through our underwriting team. This offer will be provisional and based on the most up to date market data available. At this stage you can choose if you would like to continue to the formal offer stage. If you do, we will get estate agents local to your home to do a totally independent valuation and will then be able to provide you with a formal offer.

Legal Stage

We will arrange for a solicitor to do the relevant searches and checks on your home following the acceptance of a formal offer. On receipt of these we can exchange contracts and complete the sale. We can arrange for a transfer of 10% of the sale price following the exchange of contracts if requested. If this is not required you will receive the full formal offer amount upon completion.

How Do We Compare?



Sale Timeframe

1-3 Weeks

6-9 Months

AVG Market Value



Final agreed price after survey



Estate agent fees (2% VAT)



Mortgage Payments



Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)



Bills and Repairs






Final price to be paid to the seller