Buying Homes for Cash

Home Genie has revolutionised the UK property market.

Selling a home doesn’t need to be time consuming and expensive. At Home Genie, we buy homes quickly for cash. We cover expenses and we take all the stress and uncertainty out of the process.

Buying homes in England and Wales

We have a straightforward three point process to selling your home:


Provide us with your property information


Within a working day you will be sent a cash offer


Your home will be sold quickly for a cash sum

What We Do

 Some of the core services we have available

Probate Sales

Home Genie is experienced in managing probate properties and can provide a solution by facilitating a quick sale.

Short Lease Properties

We have a track record in buying short lease homes and can provide a cash offer with a quick turnaround.

Halting Repossessions

We have halted many repossessions and have the experience to be able to help people in this position.

Properties with issues

We buy properties with problems, be it structural, cosmetic or is something relating to the nearby area.


We own a portfolio of HMO homes as buy-to let investments and it’s an area we want to expand.

Got a question you haven't found the answer to?

No problem. Have a read of our frequently asked questions or get in touch via our contact form and one of our advisors will get back to you.

Answering your questions

Do you really buy homes for cash?

Yes, we do. The heart of our business is buying homes quickly, for cash and covering all expenses.

How can you afford to buy homes for cash?

Home Genie is financed conservatively and we have access to funds through deep liquidity reserves. We have a proven track record in the purchase of homes for cash and are a genuine cash buyer.

What can I expect to get for my home?

This of course will vary depending on your situation, the location and condition of your home. We can offer up to 85% of the market value of your home. You will receive the full offer amount as all costs will be covered by us.

How quickly can you sell my home?

We aim to be flexible with your requirements but normally from the offer stage, it takes around three weeks to complete on the sale. However, in some situations (i.e. repossessions), we will arrange for a much quicker turnaround.