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Helping you get onto the property ladder

Buy 50% of your home & rent 50%

At Home Genie Co Buy, we are committed to helping you secure a home. We do this by offering you the opportunity to purchase half of a property and rent the remaining half.


A home is the most expensive purchase you are ever likely to make. It is notoriously difficult for first-time buyers and those who have been out of the property market to secure a home – rising house prices, large deposits and getting mortgage approval all contribute to some of the challenges faced.

We seek to address this by partially selling properties. We sell half and then rent out the remaining half. This allows you to secure a property with a much lower deposit than you would normally need. It also opens up the opportunity for you to skip a few rungs of the property ladder and buy your dream home.

Buy 50%/Rent 50%

Only buying half a property gives you more choice on what you can buy, meaning your perfect home could be within reach.

Flexibility to buy more

You have the option to buy more shares in your home after the first year. Equally you can continue to keep your share at 50% if that suits you better.

Property for all

Our properties are available for everyone. We offer an excellent range of different sized properties in sought after locations across the UK.

Understanding Home Genie CoBuy

Watch our short but informative video below which explains exactly how we work.

At Home Genie Co Buy we are passionate about giving

everyone the chance to get onto the property ladder.

It is clear that the traditional way of buying property doesn’t fit all and we have sought to address this. We are the first to offer a service allowing you to partially buy a home in the UK. We are a privately owned company, not a housing association and we are not affiliated with the government in any way.

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    How Does It Work?

    Learn about the process at Home Genie CoBuy below

    Find a Home Genie Co Buy property

    We register our properties with local estate agents and they will be advertised on all the popular property portals including Rightmove and Prime Location.

    Check your eligibility

    Once you have found a property you like, the estate agent managing the sale will put you in touch with our mortgage broker to check your eligibility.

    Payment of reservation fee

    Payment of our reservation fee will secure your property. On completion, the reservation fee will be deducted from the property price.

    Finalising the purchase

    Secure an agreement in principle for a mortgage and then proceed through the buying process with a solicitor (we have a panel of solicitors we can recommend).


    All of the important questions are answered below

    Are you a housing association?

    No, we’re not. We are a privately owned company and are not affiliated to the government in any way

    Can anyone buy one of your properties?

    Yes – there are no restrictions on who can buy one of our properties as long as they do not currently own a property.

    Do you require people to earn a certain amount of money?

    There are no salary expectations and our properties are not limited to those with a low income.

    How much money do I need to purchase a property?

    You will need a 5% deposit on half of the property price and a mortgage to cover the remaining amount. You will pay rent on the other 50%.

    Is there flexibility to buy more than 50% of a property?

    Absolutely. After the first year you are able to buy an additional 10% (or more) of the property and can do so until you own 100% and do not pay any rent on it at all. This is also known as staircasing.

    What rent is charged and does it increase over time?

    Rent is charged at 5% on the half of the property not purchased. The rent follows the Retail Prices Index and will increase in line with this.

    Are there any additional charges?

    There are no hidden costs or charges. The only charges an owner would be liable for would relate to the upkeep of the property/shared spaces, for example, communal charges in a shared block of flats.

    Will there be any property inspections?

    No – there will not be any inspections or home visits.

    Do I need approval from you to decorate or make changes?

    Absolutely not – this is your home and you are free to decorate it and make any changes you like as long as they are not structural.

    Can I make structural changes?

    If you would like to do an extension or anything structural we will need to be informed and be given some additional information. If improvements are made which will increase the value of your home then we can contribute to the costs.

    Is it possible to sublet?

    No, unfortunately you cannot sublet your property.

    How does owing 50% of a property work?

    We retain the freehold and you will have a lease for your half of the property. This provides you with the same rights as any other home owner and allows for more security than renting alone.

    How does Home Genie Co Buy acquire properties?

    We are backed by a team of investors and purchase new properties as well as ones which are run down and require refurbishment. We then sell 50% of a property and rent out the remaining 50%.

    Where can I find your properties?

    We sell our properties via local estate agents and all properties will be advertised on property portals including Rightmove.

    What do you mean by checking eligibility and at what point does this happen?

    You will need to contact our recommended mortgage broker once you have found a property you like, in order to confirm your eligibility. Eligibility just means that you will be able to cover the cost of the mortgage and rental payments. A mortgage broker will go through your fixed costs and look at these alongside your salary in order to confirm this.

    How can I secure a mortgage?

    Our recommended mortgage broker will go through this once you have found a property you like. You just need to contact the estate agent that the property is listed with.